I started taking Advocare supplements five years ago when I first started running. The teacher across the hall from me was always on the go and on top of things and I wondered how she did it all. She suggested I try Spark and a year later I became a distributor, then an advisor. My favorites are O2 Gold, Spark, Slam, Rehydrate and Night Time Recovery. All of my running friends love O2 Gold, which is an oxygen supplement and has been featured in Runners World Magazine.

Benefits of O2 Gold

  • Helps support the body's use of oxygen*
  • Helps the body adapt to stress*
  • Helps increase and maintain energy levels*

Benefits of Nighttime Recovery

  • Enhances muscle growth repair and recovery when taken after exercise*
  • Helps the body withstand and respond to physical stress during and after exercise*

As a runner, I always use both of the above items. They O2 gold is taken an hour before your workout and the Nighttime Recover at night.